hello, want some history? this is still hanging on. running 10 years strong!

& some new goofy have fun futuristic stuff we are pushing.


*dumpster funk DMXX X



  1. Haha..grand sir, I see a fellow reb on there...

    "challenge Source and get ox'd instead..."
    -haac boxer

  2. bags,

    i want new reb!

    *dumpster funk creations.

  3. "Euro style, Nobody's doing that"

    I see what the no outline means. I like the faces on a grand scale.


  4. SI,

    damn how do you know all that? you know to much. to much 12ozin' i bet...

    *dumpster funk orange...


  5. "i like his older stuff better..."

    - d
    *dumpster funk what is art?

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