how ya dur'n?
here's some thangs...

do you remember?
i do

homemade paint booth steez

old shit i painted with brother

young apprentice to the late great
Killer Diller...
Queser Diller

i still plays with tape!

i still take blurry photos!
the blur is for Dustin only...

still runnin?

antique store treasure

oh you knew i would
don't get upset now

i love yall...very glad to see this is still goin on...i will be back w more hopefully sooner than later...
yall are killin shit...i'm so proud of everyone.
-Burt Diesel


  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    you are fantastic!!!

    a kiss for you, my dear friend!

    god bless u dear

    can we exchange our link

    r u ready to do?
    i hope you will add me or visit at my blogs.
    i have added you on my blogs and i hope you will add me also on your blogroll.
    take care
    see you
    i hope you will in touch

  2. BURT,

    whoa, your cryptic. you haven't posted on here in ages? glad you posted up! i like that painting with cole. AS graffiti. what else have you been up to? confedy...

    *dumpster funk "god bless u dear"