more benching at everyone's favorite spot to get busted..


  1. bay,

    you know where they layup those ATW's get em'...

    *dumpster funk timing.

  2. no more lazy lay ups here...the one by boral bricks on 17th(i think) is now dead...i want to paint, but i guess i'ma have to go in the woods at that other spot in bradenton...remember?...

  3. burt,

    yep yep, but your forgetting. the newspaper spot.. has hella good cars sometimes. i have seen NS waffles, CSX 'big blue' extentended heights, but they usually have those white ATWs. which are good cars that go to texas & beyond. ONECO is the spot in the woods. that spot is awesome i wish we got after it more. pretty chill just gotta get that outbound line. cool cool update your styles (no msk 01) & get after it!