'goodnight... little nite owl'

story time: i was born in the middle of the night & growing up my older brothers were allowed to watch television waaay later than me. i would always sneak into the living room... peaking my little head around the corner to watch with everyone. i would usually get about 15 mins of viewing in then my mom would usually catch me & say "goodnight... little night owl' rather sarcastically. i would usually scurry back into my room & try again. even to this day i don't go to sleep until really late. i never want the day to end.

i tried to make this look like some crusty old print in my moms attic or something. rather old hippy art print of some sorts. the grime is relevant? pier 1 imports like whoa. onto the next project. its gonna be a big one. stay tuned...

*dumpster funk miami vice lords.