Sid Watters Desktop.
As is. minus taiwanese little boys naked.
DEE hits town in one week!
his girlfriend at clermont lounge died i think


  1. SI IV,

    hey, nice desktop. whats in the 'cinncnatti' & 'secrets' folders? dustyyyyyy yet digital. DF is coming in rounds i'll be on the traditional new years tip. talk soon...

    *dumpster funk crush cans.

  2. Bii
    You would like to know my secrets. It was a joke to myself a couple days ago. the Natti folder is an image for Cinncinatti Magazine (spelling?_I don't do the type luckily)
    Are you coming for New Years? I won't be in town til the 30th. But come on with it for the Eve party. Watch the peach drop (or the panties #darsh@$).
    Wifey and I are going to Charleston/Savannah for the 2 yur anniversary!
    Tell me if you see something at work from ATL and then your house!
    IV_too long for a comment

  3. SI,

    i think i am gonna come on the 31st. almost finalized (i'll holler). i'd be nice to catch up. enjoy that dee steez mayhem. document. i will be in the house in spirit.

    ride out shake it...

    *dumpster funk co-cuts.

  4. btw: crazy that was 2 years ago. wild. con-grads SI IV aka gods son...


  5. blondie died??? i thought she was just really busy this time of year...

    i want to see "ChantalProfile.jpg". are you getting some secret e-Harmony action on the side??? SEEEEEEYD!!!!!

    6 more days watters...i hope you got your beer bong & jon V bandana out of storage...

    - d