+++BAGGER 26+++
I actually turned 26 on Feb 17th (remember it for the record haha). I just got these photos today though, figure I'd post up. Crazy times the past two weeks. Long story short: After a year and a half at the Rhino I got laid off! haha...did not see that coming, it was me and one of my boys, apparently the company is not doing so well and they cut down the work load dramatic, hence the layoff. I was more shocked then upset though, I mean atleast I learned a grip and I'm walking away with a pretty thick portfolio to show, so all is well. I was looking to atleast stick the job out for two years but hey, things happan. Ironic cause the last day of work was my birthday haha, more reason to celebrate!!! So for my birthday this time around I wanted to do "somthing" ......I drank for the first time ever in life! haha....you know me and you know how i am so...yeah, it was cool for the most part haha. The guys at work took me out to spot in the lower eastside, Doug and his girl came out too. Actaully Doug was the first one to buy me a drink "Long Island Iced Tea" and two drinks after I switched up to "Vodka Tonik"....Second drink into it, the line of the night kicked in "Yo, I feel like I'm on a boat right now" haha. But yeah third drink into I was on the dance floor dance'n the night out, ref: the drawing below. After the third drink I was good, just had water for the rest of the night and took it pretty well, surprised it went over smooth.

So now what? well got a few options I'm considering. I'm still working them out and on the see-saw about sticking it out in NYC, might even move to ATL and room with my sis (DT and SI holla). We'll see, all and all I'm PAINTING again, hence the painting in the previous post. I will be keeping up, watch me!!! alright thats all for now, I'll stop the novel short. Enjoy the weekend and stay grand!

this an't even my cake, found it via flickr haha"that is not pineapple juice in that glass"/ along side Maria and RaffVernie, Bags, Maria,Raffthis is Romeo's drawing (Raff's bro, my co-worker, and the guy who took the flicks), this is what I looked like on the dance floor apparently haha