back to bob...

hey, i just talked with my mom she had some knowledge to drop. a couple weeks ago she inherited a bob kuhn orginal. its of a dead oak tree with apple trees in the background. he painted it upon requested for my moms aunt marian. its the only painting he did that didn't involve any animals (its probably worth something crazy). she was telling me that bob hides his signature in his paintings. so weird because this afternoon my mom found it in the oak/apple tree painting. she was pumped. as we continued talking she was telling me this cool story of when bob would have a show he would attend his own shows for only 1 reason... to fix his paintings. he would bring a bag of supplies & during the show he would be fixing everything (obsessive perfectionist). she later was telling me how she remembers visiting his barn studio in connecticut when she was a little girl. it was a great conversation. thought i would share. call your mom. they are rad!

keep on creating & stay special kids...

*dumpster funk 10 feet gates.