Bob Kuhn
(1920 – 2007)

bob kuhn is an extraordinary man & my great uncle. he is a well known painter/illustrator. he graduated from pratt & then worked as an illustrator until 1970 when he became a gallery artist. he didn't catch fame until he was around 60 (grinder). he illustrated a alot of encyclopedias. i have one & scanned in a page. i saw in the back he wrote a little something to his friend. i just got excited & scanned it in. this edition was later given to my mom. then my mom gave me a couple when i went home for holiday this year. he would make the shirts for our summer family reunions @ crescent beach, canada growing up. i dug up an old photo of me wearing it. sorry to nerd out just thought it was interesting to share & since we are knee deep on the illustration tip it seemed real relevant. i hope this inspires you...

"let your life control your art. not your art control your life." -bob kuhn
^still working on that one. i think about it everyday.

*dumpster funk eyes wide open.
**enjoy life, do good work, & make great things...



  1. wow wow man!
    no joke, i grab all kinds of factual literature from thrift/antique stores especially for the animal/machinery illustrations.
    Propers to your great Unk.
    let it continue it's in you....

  2. burt,

    thanks man. thought it was an interesting subject. been meaning to post it for a long while. glad you dig. yeah, the drive is alive even if i have to wait until i am 60. i am only just getting started. more on the way friends...

    *dumpster funk style iron-out.


  3. This is a really grand post man. Real Genuine. Real talk---{all slang aside} thank you for sharing this.

    thats cool you have that shirt and the letter you scanned is a nice touch to the post.

    so umm, when are you going to start painting? Si and I are eagerly waiting, your not 60 yet sir. Jump on it if the erge is there. Its in your blood.

  4. 43,

    ha, i kinda need to get back into it. its one of those things i haven't done in a while & don't think i am that awesome @. i often put it aside if i am nice that great @ it. hence skateboarding when i was younger.

    to many things to do. so little time...

    *dumpster funk all slang aside.


  5. He is amazing! Why was this a secret. You'd be surprised how many artists have a name that sound similar.

    You said it on the phone so I searched some options

    Bob Coonts
    Bob Koons

    both bad artists.

    I'm glad your relative is the real deal.
    no one is good in the beginning.