sorry i had to.

aligned with barretts post. this blew my mind when this came out & it still does. this is the peak of a rap video & song. i mean let me break/hype it down/up for you:

1) white sweatshirts.

2) ugods verse is good.

3) that renaissance piano sound in the beat reminds me of someone who is striving for perfection.

4) people in the background doing nothing. when they are on the chessboard they have white masks over their faces.

5) peep raes' hat.

6) i actual memorized ODB's verse & i never do that. its just memorable (with rap i usually listen to a beat first & foremost (foreground) & then the verse is just in the background: i dunno its weird).

7) method man's bandaged face.

8) the ghostface no face.

9) masta killa has double swords & @ 3:35 a chessboard glitches w/ sound effects.

10) peep the 'M' in master killa spray painted on the wall behind him. its amazing.

thats it i've said to much...

*dumpster funk p.l.o. style.