I was digging thru the vinyl and thought I'd post the depth...

p.s...this is mainly to inspire the 43rd bagger to get on the beats.

-burt deez
heres some chucks


  1. barrett,

    yo, thats fresh. its awesome four-tre is getting into making beats. inspire that kid. btw, oh yo where is my mix? i made you one a grib ago. holler holler. oh, & the spacing on your posts erks me (had to fix-it ;).

    "barrett, clean your room"

    *dumpster funk pen.


  2. wow

    Inspiration = umm...yes
    Predicament = umm...yes

    Its like I got two hot babes fighting for my time right now:

    Ms.Painter = Holding it down for bit, she's done me right over the years, she wants a ring.

    Ms.Music = Badass b*tch who keeps visiting, but shes here currently on a long vacation, all she wants to do is hangout.

    -bagger jigga'low