When a person creates an image of a robot its quick to get slapped generally with the concept art or sci-fi art label. I think its safe to say people won't qualify a drawing like the one I'm sharing with you as legitimate art, or yet even valuable. I can share an image like this and the prop/praise value is in most cases next to zero. Now...why is that? I can easily draw a person, and 10 times out of 10, I'll have an immediate response from the viewer. Its my understanding people respond to figurative work as something gasp able. Most people like to see themselves in things, so when a human form is displayed it gives the viewer relative value to respond.
But what makes a robot secondary or even at times valueless? I know it's somewhat bias for me to speak on the behalf of robots considering its role in my upbringing (80s transformers/raised in Japan). Sorry for this rant, but the point I'm getting at is really this:
Content and its value
What makes a content valuable? How does this affect your choice in the content you chose to create?
Its something I think about from time to time.