Pretty interesting and funny interview from one of the guys who started the whole horribly photoshopped blinged-out rap covers of the late 90s. One of my favorite quotes from the article:

"I believe that my company worked very very diligently to make sure that we turned violence into bling-bling. Instead of chilling people and showing bullets hitting people and blasting people out of the way, we were like "Hey man! How about we put you next to a Bentley or a Ferrari, we put some hoes on the side, show you with a 50 000 $ rollie, a big-ass necklace, your big house in the back, how about all that?" They were like "Yeah yeah yeah, OK then, un-ungh, that were it go, yeah!". I'm like "Allright, fine. Beautiful." "

- d
*dumpster funk special effects


  1. Nice one B.
    Solid article.
    Lil Wayne is a liar.

  2. Awesome!

    -burt d

    P.S...Lil Wayne is the truth

  3. dusty,

    to good. they did the eightball & mjg 'comin out hard' cover? whoa. i had to read all of it. grade A post dust-stills.

    these were my favorites...

    "In fact, I am working so much that I don't sleep, I'm a insomniac. I can work for 72 hours, straight, no problem. My brother also does not sleep, so this was one of the catalysts that made Pen & Pixel so successful because our competition obviously had to sleep."


    ""Listen, we want something that is absolutely beyond anyone out". So we shot a Rolls Royce, we extended it by about eight meters, we put a swimming pool on the back of the Rolls Royce, a bunch of women swimming in front of a red carpet with a bunch of people taking photographs, cash flying all over the floor, security… It was probably 150 different layers in Photoshop."

    *dumpster funk dwayne wayne.


  4. Set layer mode to twirk.

    IV_atl shhht