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Ajos world, how does it go? Hope all is well. Spring/Summer finally hit NY and I'm embracing it one day a time. BBQ's, music gigs, people visiting, gallery shows, conventions, bike rides, movie watching, bar hop'n, park sun tanning, weight gaining, weight losing, long weekends, late nights, sleeping in, dodging rain drops, music making, socializing, exercising, Internet link hop'n, drawing, drawing, painting painting blah blah blah....sums up the days as of recent. Its been good, its just nuts the speed the days fly, truly nuts really. Finally took the time out to gather some stuff to share with you guys hope you enjoy for now, might be another couple months til I post another whopper haha.
Konni, Lace, & Leroy Brown
This is a four color silkscreen poster design I worked on a few weeks ago, the aim was to have this printed up in time for the Mocca Convention, but the printers backed out on me last minute. Instead I got the image printed up as postercards, doesn't have the same affect but its something. I still plan to get this printed up at 22x30, just have to dig around and find new guys to print them up for me.
MOCCA 2009
I was fortunate to get an invite from the guys at Calavera Comics to share a booth at this year's Mocca Festival (convetion). For those of you not familar with the event here's a quick skinny: The Village Voice calls the MoCCA Festival “the best small-press nexus (anywhere!)” Now BIGGER than ever! An incredible weekend of comic and cartoon art exhibitors, panels, lectures, sketches, autographs, and more! Thousands come every summer to meet and purchase works from some of the world’s best cartoonists, animators, and graphic novelists.

I had met Alexis via internet, he's based out of Florida and mention he and his crew was coming up to NY for the Mocca. He extended in invite to share a spot at his booth. Meeting up at the Mocca, was the first time we linked up in person. I got to meet the rest of his crew aswell. Really cool guys and it was great catch'n up and hang'n out with them for the weekend. Be sure to check out their work and sites, just click their names to do so (Thanks again for the invite guys!):
one of Alexis tee designs
Its funny I didn't even know this dude hosted one of my fav blogs, be sure to check it, tons of eye candy-->waxin & milkin
Be sure to check out the rest of this dude's paintings, really solid imagery
funny thing about meeting this dude is we were born on the same exact day, crazy haha
There were two other guys in the crew but I don't have their info on hand, sorry

But yeah the convention was pretty cool, kinda slow but it was cool meeting a range of people and fellow creatives. I picked up a good amount of good aswell check check it! (sidenote: If you click on the artist's name, you'll be directed to their site)
1. A mini comic "Vague Cities" by Tomasz Kaczynski, I really dig the package and print of this, the story and art is solid too.
2. Mini comic "Neon Girl" by Dennis Pacheco.
3. Mini comic "Glad Optical" by Brett Von Schlosser.
4. Sketchbook by Alexis Ziritt.
5 and 10. Mini comics "Falling Sky" and "Gutter" by Victor Kerlow.
6. Artbook "Life After Black" by the famous/amazing Barron Storey. Really amazing artist/guy, I was flattered to have a portrait sketch by him on the spot. He's in town right now for his show at the Society of Illustrators which is actually going tonight, I'll prob check it out this weekend.
7. Really dope monster book "Eat World" by Peter J. Lazarski.
8. I meet this guy randomly on the fly while walking around. We had a book trade and he gave me this, "Strange Life Vol.1" A collection of works by Reuben Negron. Be sure to checkout his work, dude can paint too! here's a quick sample:
9 and 11. Now this guy's work is on the "WOW' tip, really really dig this guys work, the comic, story, and art is just solid. I picked up these two mini comics: "The Middle" and "Real Bad" by Connor Willumsen. Be sure to check him out and support!12. This is an anthology comic put together by Alexis, "Mekano Turbo" I actually illustrated the cover art for this book. More info here.
cover work
posterI also cop'd this poster by Kent Williams. Yup, it is dope haha.
Got some left over copies of my books if anyone is interested, each comes with a original sketch. If you cop booth I'll cut you a deal. Feel free to drop a line.Ecko steez
After a year and a half working for the Rhino, the time came to part ways. Yup, I'm a free man again!!! haha. Long story short the econmy really affected the retail market (along with everything else). The company dropped the work load dramatically so with that said there really wasn't enough work to keep me around full time. So I parted on good terms, and this actually happened a few months back. I'm still in contact with the team and I still help out with some projects here and there when help is needed. It was fun while it lasted but my current freedom is grand!

Aside from all that here's some product I worked on that's out and about as of recent. Like I mention before, majority of the product have a year turn around time, so even though I'm not working there most of the stuff I worked on will be coming steadily up until next year.
Due to the spring/summer time frame I worked on a grip of shirts, hence the major drop of imagery below. For more info on the product check here.

Well that's about all for now, Its going to be a pretty bizzy summer from here on out. I'm still working on this large scale piece that I'm looking to finish hopefully this month. I'll be going home to visit fam for a couple of weeks. Then when I get back I'll be bizzy working on more paintings for a group show I'll be partaking in, in Chicago. The show will be in the first week of Aug. More info on that as it gets closer to that date. Looking to have all new pieces for this show. In the meantime, hope everyone enjoys the summer. If my blog is dry for the next couple months you know what's up.
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