1. SI,

    this ridiculous. please explain the process. your talented. can you draw something in 20 mins with a pencil & post it? your drawings are the best.

    *dumpster funk CN flats.
    **i always think we should post more drawings on here. i say that to bags on the regular. baby steps...


  2. Thanks Ben. A drawing needs to be scanned but yeah I'll post one.
    You've asked before so I'll try to explain.
    Process: Start with filling a layer with black. New Layer, paint with white with brush on like 10% opacity and 0 hardness. Brush is set to have Noise/Other Dynamics/Airbrush/Smoothing on. Using a photo fro drawing reference I block in the major shapes. Then using the eyedropper I select values that I need to paint how the light hits the form(you can see the little squares that I'll make to have a little value scale to pick from). Start with three values then add from there until you have about 8-10. Using pure white lastly to do final highlights and then doing overall marks to suggest photographic qualities. SO, it's a total of like 3 layers (bkgrnd, figure, marks n scratches) Hope that helps. It's just like painting for real, just quick with no mixing and undo sometimes. oh, you can cheat with liquify and smudge tool!