Lady Nature, 14x17, Silkscreen on Bristol
Got this image printed up for the show this Friday. Flying out Weds morning, still grinding away on the pieces haha (the life of the artist). But yeah I got 7 of these prints, 14x17 on bristol, and 10 tees black ink on white. I "ll be slanging them out in the Chi, but If anyone is interested hit me up, I can get more printed if I don't have any left over. Just a sampler.
enjoy the day


  1. b 43,

    whoa-time, that drawing is really grand. i really like how the colors turned out. is this just a drawing or a print? if so did your print them? really great work. good luck in chicago. KCs will be rooting for you with the up-most support & be @ the show in spirt. grind till wednesday & wow the crowd! 4-tre-rilly...

    *dumpster funk kick-start it.


  2. thanks for the support there Ben!

    Yeah its a silkscreen print, Will (Producer of Mutilator) printed these up. Hes got the home lab set up. Projects will be slayed.

    Grind time.

    Will be documenting...

  3. Sh*t yeah Paper/Plastic.

    On the Crushin' Train...a momentum that can't be stopped.

    *One day soon, I'll have my home lab set up. We will play.

  4. amazing drawing. Paint it!
    Animal skulls...what a dream.

    SI needs a new belly shirt. XLG please. Tell me what the yank's are payin and an address to mail paper love to.


  5. wow! exactly the way i dig my gals...1,2,7,dead animal skull-faced!
    real proper, main..
    i need that T shirt...so i'll second that 'yank money' remark.

    -burt deez