The breathe of a marathon runner an inch over the finish line, I utter the words "It's done"
Just under four years of work, the Dark Tower series is complete.
In this time, I've moved out of my parents basement, got a job and learned the trade of retouching, got engaged and married, had 3 major shows, quit my job, started my own thing, moved again, and covered 90! Square feet of wood(six 3x4ft's and one 4x5ft think that right?) in detailed scifi western Stephen King oil paint. I've wanted to quit the series Everyday. I didn't. If you think I'm being dramatic, try doing it. I'm going to go drink now. I will post the final piece when it dries, gets varnished, and photographed. I'll post the pictures of the series in the Doc's house too.

IV_a giant weight is lifted