Alyssa Monks and Gregory Thielker

Paintings, that's right Paintings



  1. While incredibly impressive, I'm not sure I understand the point in a painting that looks like a photograph.

  2. kap,

    i agree with you on some levels. i think it almost becomes a photograph... but it isn't. paintings will never be photographs. it one big trick.

    *dumpster funk trick daddy dade county.

  3. Hearing you for sure and have thought that especially with less good examples. I also think intent or love of creating is forgotten about as a motivator though.

    I feel like if you become interested(love/obsessed) with a subject, a skin temperature, a mood etc. the only way you can fully understand/study why you like it is to recreate it. I bet photographic sharpness sometimes creates a separation of values and color that is apart of that look/visual pattern you might go for. Besides, put the reference next to the painting and you see what aspects of flesh, light, and water were exemplified to show beauty. Art rant with specific words but it wouldn't come out right otherwise.

  4. ^coffin corner.

    very well put SI. you schooled the class...


  5. Love the first four. Want them for my wall. Right now.

  6. while i'm not into this type of painting...
    i can understand why a person would attempt such a feat..
    it's human instinct to challenge the machine with the pencil.

  7. before there were cameras there were hundreds of thousands of artist attempting to create realistic portraits, still life, and landscapes....right?

    the photograph allows the artist to have the subject still for eternity; that stillness is impossible in reality.

    trompe l'oeil is rad.

    the point is a unmatchable level of technique... true mastery of media and self are required to make things like this. the downside is that subject matter and artistic comment are usually put through the filter of gimmicks to show off ( in this set water).

    to be personally responsible for such a clean recreation of a moment is a powerful thing.

    not to mention the "anyone could do that" factor that has become pervasive.

    shit makes you think, not about some deep conceptual mess... but about dedication, about patience, about what it would take to do...
    all important things...all challenging things...

    i dunno... i was blown away and i bet seeing them in person would be an experience to say the least.