+++SDC X TWO+++
1. Yankee Stadium
2. KC actually won that night
3. They were not live
4. Post life at TGIF (damn)

5. A really expense electric bill

6. Neo-dresscode
7. I've yet to play one game

8. Spidey Sax

. Someone won that night
Blueface in passing
11. Seat 227 # 6

12. Soon enough

+++PART TWO+++
1. Lines & Stars
2. I used to be one, still might be
3. Jill
4. Blueface in passing x 3
5. Wonder
6. Lucky beach side viewers
7. French Fries G
8. Coney Island
9. That guy could be Dusty
10. Dolo playground
11. NY is...
12. Best shade to read a book and eat a Nathan's hotdog

(I'll be in transit from NY to SF, offline for a few weeks- hence the double post. Hold the fort Klaimers)
+++yours truly+stay ruly+++


1 comment:

  1. 43,

    ahhhh good luck with the re-transport!

    i liked the photo of the solo palm & your description. what book did you read?

    *dumpster funk its a long shot.