Happy belated Thanksgiving.....this was my trip to N.C.



  1. DT


    good looking out on that john cocker's wonder years song. when i view alot of your work i know you were into that show (bout it bout it)... or that erra. i'd be grand to get it on a dvd set. that seinfeld & saved by the bell. & maybe xmen (the cartoon)... but yeah that early poster you created with the legs of the basketball players & short shorts. i always really dug that poster (do a DT throw back post)... i know bagger & i were fans of your older works too. i liked that sock puppet that formed an alphabet. i remember seeing that basketball poster hanging up @ my high school. it reminded me of wonder years. that & some other pieces really sold me on school. wasn't that for pre-college? i think you referenced 'wonder years' on a couple other projects? i'm not sure though. looked like a grand thanksgiving your mom dad & brother are awesome. snow dog could easily be a movie star. those videos your making rule!

    keep on...

    *dumpster funk winnie cooper.


  2. damn

    your girl pistol hold'n/whip'n



    that beard game

    super grown moves

    that video ...+A

    you kinda got us beat on the motion tip, the rest of the team has no motion savyness haha

    soon enough though