1. Madlib
2. A&A
3. Madlib 2
4. Nate Van Dyke
5. Jogger
6. Jogger other half
7. David Choe
8. Mike Giant
9. David Choe 2
Mike Giant 2

11. Jon
12. David Choe 3
13. Austin
14. David Choe 4
15. Jogger 2
16. Angelik
17. David Choe 5
18. Jogger 3
19. Nate Van Dyke 2
20. Eraser
21. Giant
22. Shlohmo
23. Austin & Trent
24. Hearty gum

+++stay ruly+++


  1. NICE set sir.

    explain Eraser #20

    Choe is looking interesting. I think I like him best in BW.

    IV_catch up soon

  2. 43,

    funny story time >

    no lie on this story dude. so i was chopping it up on the tele with the boy DS. & he was dropping his girl off in the city from a weekend of shromping gliding. & he said that he saw you on your blue klaimco bike RIPPPINGGGGG. & you zipped right past him. he said he honked a ton. dude you are getting after it. 'i am not a home-body!--- scratch that!'

    nice graphs!

    was shlohmo good?

    how was jogger?

    i like that photo of your friend austin laughing. good capture. why is your homegirl giving the lens the bird? ha!

    keep ripping & making. talk soon man.

    paint week!

    *dumpster funk sincerely.


  3. Eraser here. Bagsy is a sneak screen-capper extraordinaire.
    *Note the black arrow to the left