i went fishing, but didn't catch much...It was still fun.

*sit and wait


  1. Ben,

    i used a track from your trains and mountains mixtape. I was listening to it the other day...and the track "amazing grace" by Oaklands Famous One Man Band made me think of sitting and waiting...on that bench.


  2. DT

    awesome, i love that your shooting video. dude if you look really close... look @ that weird piece with the terminator face. look to the right of it. it looks like a realistic drawing in oil bars or something. it looks very 'the mac' like. peep it. oh & also peep that oil (rip) & that large rio-geo!

    really nice! blank trains with nothing on them are really relaxing. did you see that simplot? darn-nation.

    great track btw.

    *dumpster funk georgia | south carolina boarder.


  3. yeah man. i went "whoa" on that oil bar drawing. It burned everything on the car, and was an fraction of the size....wish i had a proper flick. And that Oil...i was stalking that one for a good half an hour. i saw it from a far, and followed it to the yard to try to get a flick. That was as close as i could get. Fun times though.


    *collard greens

  4. damn man... sick video, nice bench... watch trains everyday.