1. Jack Pregresso got me started on saying this...
2. SS <--DOPE
3. That "T", That "W"
4. Mr. Wong ($30 varsity jacket)
5. Letter spill
6. Schwinn, daggers, & Western Pacific
7. Loco
8. Drop science vintage steez

9. Brown nut
10. I want one

11. So they are... (Jon's fingers)
12. For the Kidneys, Liver, and Blood
13. Em & Spanish Coke
14. Jack or Mack, you got options
15. The real Jack

16. Cash rules steez via cement
17. Mike Giant
18. Skinner (the artist)
19. Mike Davis (up close on one of his paintings)

20. Get back to you on the artist, sorry
Ferris Plock
22. Some dude that wins for the bike alone
23. Mr. Plock again (sold out show)
24. Cause SF is stellar!

+++BBQ weekend, enjoy it!...+++