Quick Update from the GUTS!!

I was recently interviewed by BoldHype Gallery, and they just posted the interview up on their blog :


!!+On a music related note..LoDeck and I have been putting together a project we hope you all will enjoy ..."FREESTYLE COLOGNE". I've attached a link

for a peek at the exclusive music video "The Wolf", a joint off of our upcoming album, "Because You Stink" with production by Will Taubin and Blockhead. Our first single and video, "They Know" received Great response..Thank you to Everyone spreading the word!
*Also check out mybedofnails.com for a preview of some artwork that JakProgresso and I have collaborated on together that is up online for the first time!

Spread the word, let me know how you're doing, and splash the feedback!


(You can see more of Jak's work online at thewitchkingoccult.com, and if you're having a GRAND TIME checking out cool links be sure to stop by soulcrackmusic.com and stay in tune with what Will Taubin is working on!)