-ART MASH UP part one-
-Andrew Hem & Joao Ruas collaboration mural organized by Ryan Graff (Eidolon Fine Art)-
I had the chance to kick it with these guys last week. They were in town here in SF briefly to knock-out this mural project, Andrew drove up from LA and Joao flew in from Brazil. I stopped by in the process. They endws up finishing this piece the next day. Mr. Ryan Graff organized this project, who was also present when I stopped by. It was a fun/dope night chop'n it up with these guys nerding on art, life, and whatnot. Art aside, Andrew, Joao, and Ryan are some really stellar folks, really fortunate I was able to hang out. Pictures below are just a sampler of the evening.
Joao Ruas sketchbook
Andrew (left) & Joao (right)
Barron Storey sketchbook, (Thanks Ryan again for sharing a glimpse)
-James Jean-REBUS-
March 12 - April 30, 2011
Martha Otero Gallery
Had to the chance to venture out to LA last weekend with some friends, this is one of a few shows we had the chance to see, stunning show. Period.
-The Safehouse Atelier’s first show-
Check this show out last Friday here in SF, another stunning show I was pleased to view. Such amazing imagery coming from this art program. Cheers to the talent. I'll try to gather the names of some of these artist drawings below, apologize in advance, some pieces didn't have names attached. :/ enjoy!

name and credit to this drawing below coming soon...apologizes
Two drawings below by John Brassell
Drawing below by Kemp Remillard
names and credit to drawings below coming soon...apologizes
Painting below by Kim Cogan
Funny I ran into this photo at the show of Massan, rad. Photo by Scott Hermanson
More to come, I take way too many photos haha, hang in there...I had to make this post happen though, too stellar to let sit still