"Uncle Bonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives"
Painting with light.
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  1. CR

    saw it.

    i didn't know what to think.

    (maybe a rewatch?)


    that ware cover brought me in


    oh & that dinner scene was real good

    (liked that)

    also, i liked in that interview you posted where apichatpong weerasethakul talks about the film as 1 dream.



  2. b

    i don't know what to think either.
    gave me goosebumps, though. usually a good thing for me.
    i love the flow like dreams –--fluid from life to life / scene to scene. fresh. didn't feel like an eastern or western film.

    the new museum show (primitive) had some great pieces. reminds me of magic realism

    he's a cool cat. i like his crazy name.


  3. crs

    yeah, totally agree it did seem really fresh.

    like new grounds.

    i think when you make anything thats rather personal & has 'you' all over it. its really difficult to spell it out for others to read. because you can't make it tooo easy for the viewer to understand your ideas. its like how easy is the puzzle or why is it even a puzzle (puzzles are usually hard). i am kinda rambling but... i think he had a bunch of different ideas that was probably hard to write down on paper... let alone make it into a 2 hour film grabbing the viewers attention for that long of a span. his ideas were probably above that & making it into a film was the outlet for the ideas.


    its funny your talking about NEW MUSEUM.

    DT Derek & i were just talking about that space!

    (Derekkkkkkkkkkkk!!! hint hint *** holler holler @ your friend. 4 real)

    we kinda wanna do a show their one day. or make something in that space one day or something.



    how do you know about magic realism?

    2 smart.

    your posts & comments are fire!

    your in full effect.


    stay up!




    (goofy comment)