waiting for the computer, notes, tags, math, words, letters, ideas, drawings




  1. B-)

    havent listened w audio yet.
    dracula is so good.

    just cut a fresh sheet of illustration board to put in front of my computer.



  2. CR —

    ha, thanks. fair warning that ghetto video nor the drawings are really that great. i'll make a some better ones soon.

    the audio is from a mix-tape i made in highschool.

    one side is wutang one side is nolimit.

    just had it playing in the back (raw vision).



    my best friend moved to greenville north carolina to live with his dad. we used to trade mixtapes in the mail. hand made cassettes of the best in rap that was out. i used to make two copies of each. & then i started selling a few to peeps @ school on the side. school was so hiphop. big chains were big (usually silver). a revival of breakdancing got big. they would have secret locations in between classes. word would spread where the breaking would go down. it was like a crazy mobb of people. about 2 or 3 people would get to go. then teachers & faculty used to break it up. the crew was called 'outbreak' they were tight.

    ramble ramble


    thats fresh.

    i am going to start a new note book today.

    fill it with better drawings & ideas

    good luck with the fresh sheet of illo board. LACE DAT!