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  1. yea B!
    where r those legs going?

    -someone explained 2 me once that the westing house W is 3 heads all looking at a TV...?
    like the lines of the W are sight lines or something.

    i was like.....RANDY!

    "everyday I Randy stuff"

    good post


  2. C R

    doesn't the westing house logo look like a dude holding boxing gloves.

    kinda like 'put em' up'

    the westing house logo will fight you


    the legs are just flexing in the sky. like doing a little stretch before going for a run outside.

    i tried to make an out door environment while deconstructing the westinghouse logo & use the colors of the randy packaging. pretty flat with a little animation. i wish i could show it to randy. & get his thoughts on all this. kinda why i made it. i wonder what randy is doing now? he designz are good. & everyone knows it. :0)

    whoa, like is the bottom points the actual TV?

    if so it looks like the 3 heads are sharing ideas telepathically while using the television to bounce their ideas back to one another



    yeah you get to RANDY it like all day

    so tight.

    who is the new randy?

    (please stand up)