+++Cerberus Show NYC+++
Hello Klaimco. 2012 has arrived. Geez,... already. Hope all is well with you guys. Finally had a chance get some things together to post. I just got back from NY last weekend. I was part of a group show with fellow artist/good friends David Hoskins and Douglas Hoffman at Bold Hype Gallery. The show came together really well and the turnout was pretty grand! It was a blast! Felt great to partake in a gallery show again. I'll keep this rant short and just cut to the chase. Bellow are a couple of paintings I did for the show that haven't been previously displayed on this blog before.

This piece was created for our promo ad for our show. At the time we already decided on the name of the show to be "Cerberus". We had a tight deadline for the ad feature so all three us (Doug, Dave, and I) each illustrationd a dog head in our interpretation, pretty much in a night's work turn-around. We chose a limited palette and this is what I manage to come up with.
"Cerberus 1" 10x10 Acrylic and ink on Wood

This piece is brand new piece also created for the show. It's actually a diptych on two wood panels. I photoshoped the line in the middle out to show what it would look like together. This one was really hard to capture a reproduction of due to its wide format and colors. I tried to match it as close as possible to the original colorways. The pink is a lot more vibrant but hard to capture in photo form. I promise it looks way better in person!
"Twin Somber and Ms. Joy" 18x24 (x2) Acrylic on Wood

Here's a time lapse of our collaboration piece. It took us roughly two 9-10 days to knock this out. This was really fun to work on and it's rad we happen to get the process recorded.

"Cerberus" 48 x 60 (x2) House paint on Canvas

Here is a link to all the show pieces up for purchase: ---GO!---
Also here's a link to a nice little write up with nice sampler size pictures to view some of the work. ---GO!---
***show photos coming soon...

Thank you.