We are making peace with the things we cannot control.
We can create fabric in a world that often appears
black and white. We are discovering. We are uncovering.
We can meet our ghosts. We can begin a dialogue.
We are imagining things differently and in imagining
things differently perhaps the world will change. We KC
to correspond with our friends. We are posting as a daily
act of making something tonight. We can because it creates
composure. We are in solitude born out of community.
We have questions that shatter sleep. We have answers
that keep us complacent. We show to remember. We show
to forget. We express as a form of translation. We express
because it allows us to confront things we don't know. We
KC as an act of violence. We KC as an act of slowness.
We are working because it makes us less fearful of death.
We express 2 exercise in pure joy. We express out of our
anger and into our passions. We express from the stillness
of night anticipating – always anticipating. We are listening.
We show out of silence. We show to soothe the voices
shouting inside us, outside us, all around us. We KC because
of the humor of our condition as humans. We KC because we
believe in you. We post because we do not believe in words.
We can play like a child left alone in sand. We are belongings
to the force of the moon: high tide, low tide. We show images
because it is the way we take long walks. We go into the
wilderness. We believe it can create a path in darkness. We
KC because we speak a different language. We write our
names into trees. Its a ritual. We are not employable. I write
out of my inconsistencies. We show you because then we do
not have to speak. We show with the colors of memory. We
document as a witness to what we have seen. We express as
witness to what we imagine. We are next to grace and grit.
We are out of indigestion. I do it when we are starving. I am
full. We talk to the dead. We don't like others telling us what
to do. We don't do it to put food on the table. We are on the
other side of procrastination. We paint for the children we
never had. We are working for the love of ideas. We make
for the surprise. We know we will always fail. We know our
works always falls 2 short. It is out of ignorance. We are
by accident. We can pass the embarrassment of exposure.