' Blurpd Out' by RDLC

Right now I really enjoy wearing most of
my clothes inside out – I love wearing things
I won't normally wear to build character &
confidence or to trick people I admire. Having
double/triple personalities to the point where
my friends don't know how to pin my world
down. It's a 'left-field' attitude I have towards
fashion/creating, but not in your face. But by
wearing your clothes inside out I'm creating a
new piece of clothing. New colors & patterns.
I recommend this to everyone

The fashion world for a teenager is most
exciting, almost most visited later in life to me.
I look back on a lot of outfits I would just put
on and bring my mind back as well to tap into
a certain aesthetic/look. 

Accessories look good on me i think – hats,
glasses, jackets with alot pockets, huge sweaters
; actually anything over sized. Fitted jeans are
good sometimes, but not really. 

I recently saw a man with leather pants tucked
into UGG® Boots with a mini vest & mini
steampunk circular glasses holding his baby.
It was beautiful.

The west coast is easy to dress because we are
surrounded by a lot of sun & hippy energy. It's
very existential/hypnotic – like a fuzz. Maybe
it's the suns fault, but the moon is also a big
part because it's so bright & cold. Someone
once told me that the sun is not meant for
humans because one can not look into it –
without damaging the eyes, but the moon
is visible to everyone – universal – who knows ? 

The suburbs also have a lot of underground
fashion that gets misguided & misunderstood.
Valley Girl/ Jock Boy style is a cross over look
that is universally popular (the attitude not so
much), but regardless I've been seeing many
rappers adopt that style.

Monochrome looks are always so exciting for
me, I love to see how people pick 'the same
color' & wear it.  

This is commonly known, but homeless fashion
is very on point, the combinations blow me
away almost – every – single – time. The dis –
connection from reality plays a major factor,
but it's the most inspiring. To have an 
'I don't know mentality.'