' Jail Mail '



I could not contain the great Love I had inside
my heart. So I went around the city on a bike to
write about Love. I wrote on the walls along the
train tracks the rivers and the bridges. In aba–
ndoned buildings and on fancy store fronts in
the busy shopping area. To express my Love for
the beauty of the world. To reflect the light of
the sun, moon, & stars. To honor & pay tribute
to the simple beauty of my beloveds face. To
place value on feelings of the heart over the
material world. To cover the bricks with
precious kisses and sorrowful tears so they
too could experience love. To wake up the
sleeping people of the world with bold state–
ments of Love. & the people said that my Love
was prolific & would go down in history. &
they displayed my love all over the evening
news. & when they showed the policeman
taking me away even he would say that my
Love was profound. & the judge said so too at
my trial when he sentenced me to five years.
But my Love was so strong that I took it with
me to prison. My Love was so determined that
it would not diminish but always grow. So in
my cell I wrote about Love… I wrote about
Love at all costs for it is the noblest cause on
earth and is valued accordingly by god in
heaven. So I got on my knees & prayed I would
purify my Love so it wouldn't cause harm. So
the world may receive it. God answered my
prayers when a young girl sent me a letter in
prison: 'I enjoyed reading your poetry all over
the city walls. Please, write them in a book so
they will last.'

– Daniel Montano