' Three Twains, Roads, a Beauty '

by Ted Gahl

Collinsville, CT. 11/05/14, 9:03 PM

I would get up early in the summer and Ryan

would pick me up in his mom’s Chrysler
convertible. We would drive through Norfolk,
which would eventually turn into Egremont and
then Great Barrington. We’d spend the day
painting and scraping houses and smoking.

I used to see her driving down the road a lot. She

was very short, so it was just a small head popping
up over the wheel of a speeding car. I would often
see Morgan in his van as well. He would usually
take the shortcut to go down to Ken’s house to
avoid the main roads. Charlotte was often around
too, and her mother was rarely home, so we would
sit by her pool.

Then they started building lots of new houses.

Families moved in and the road got busier. The
two neighbors on each side of our house passed
away. One was a hermit with a very long beard
who used to draw cartoons for magazines in New
York. The other was a real Yankee, and he kept an
immaculate lawn and walked into town everyday.
My dad used to take breaks from writing and
take long drives. He would always offer the man
ride back from town, but the man always kindly

These days, I don’t see many people I know

anymore. But I still drive down that road, and it
still feels the same.

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