Abandon Wet Seal®

(Location: Few Stores Down from Apple®)

Under Armor® Store Lil’ Black Kid dribbling
in-between his legs; big grunge, ‘I WILL’ is
tilted in the bottom right hand corner with a 
cheapo black frame. 
(Location: Image Hung High In–Store)

J.Crew® Poster
2 Men on a dock
Black frame with 
Large White Matte.
(Location: Dressing Room – Hallway)

Now in spite of the melancholia, black bites and
so forth related to buyers since classical times, the
whole question of the necessary alienation of the
purchaser is problematic; its logical extreme is
psychosis; it scarcely exists before any Century;
it is really a distortional view lets say 'Ross Dress
for Less™' adopted by the Romantics, boosted by
miss–interpretations of Fraud, popularized by
Stuart G Moldaw, catalogued by Mario Pratz and
dismissed by Lionel Trilling.

Images shot in:
The Mall at Millenia
(Orlando, Florida)

Premium Outlets; I-Drive

(Lake Buena Vista, Florida)

Meгa Mall

(Kotelniki District, Russia)




Where R They

Man on Escalator holding large Samsung™
item in 1 arm. Holding his daughter withthe other arm.


Reporting: This Just Came IN