" Lately I've been working with a youth who is
experiencing severe drug–induced psychosis.
He sees an entire world that isn't there, & has
created the most intricate & well-researched
stories about himself & his everyday life. He's
absolutely brilliant, & if he wasn't my client I'm
sure we would be good friends. We have a lot in
common, & spend long periods of time talking
about music & girls while eating lunch at
Stepho's. He believes completely that the things
he's seeing/saying are true, & that he is in fact a
famous music producer working daily with the
world's most well known artists. His entire reality
is a complete fabrication, & I can't imagine how
nice it must be to live in such an innocent,
cathartic way. " – E R




Been into these things lately:

Grave dirt, hand cannons, Lapham's Quarterly,

Mjolnir, Smash Ink (Teal Legit), Celtic Lolita,
Steve Martin circa 1989, Chaos Magic, the Hopi,
Des Marches St. George, Faberge, Norse
Projects, Carrot & Raisin Manna Bread,
& especially Russian Jump Styles

Life is Short
Death is Sure
Sin is the Cause


This is nearing the top of one of the supporting

beams. The ladder is sketchy as hell, and there's
at least 80 feet of it below where this picture was
taken, but the view from the top is real cool. The
bummer thing is climbing through a tiny hole
onto the top of this pillar, kind of like
the Lion's Gate.

The Langley Civic Centre is still much the same,
save for a new paint job & less lurkers. We
used to drink in the woods adjacent to the parking
lot before seeing cut-rate punk bands play. I
remember doing mean things to DBS when they
played. Once we were spraypaintin’ the back wall
with some anarchy signs or some shit, & the
police rolled up. Myself, & three friends ran
across the BMX track & hid in the woods
beside the graveyard. My friend Trevor gave me
a cigarette, & I smoked most of it the wrong way 
round before noticing that the entire filter was
gone, & festering in my lungs. Oof.

The old Langley Skatepark is still there. When
they built it, people were so hyped. It didn't take
long for a newer, better park to be built, but the
old spot is not without its charms. I did a solid
hours worth of slappy noseslides there the other
day, & didn't see a single other person. It used to
be crushed with sprays some Acrow and Raise,
but now it's just ugly grey crap.

The lake on 16th avenue, just West of 208th
street. One of the better hang–out spots as a
teenager. Close enough to home to walk, water to
swim in, turtles to wrangle, & a dock to sleep on
if one so desired. I still like going there, even if
there's no booze being drank, girls to talk to, or
psychedelic journeys to embark on.

Zero Avenue & 272nd Street in Aldergrove.
Me & my friend Keith used to go fishing
here. My parents would drive me to Keith's
house, on Friday after school, & pick me
up on Sunday before church, which I
reluctantly attended, covered in dirt, fish guts,
& campfire smoke. Keith lived on this amazing
acreage with funny animals like pigs & cows
& lots of Jack Russell terriers. I swear there
was like... hundreds of them. Maybe not.
We would ride bikes with Keith's older
brothers & this idiot named Jeremy, to Zero
Avenue, where there was a stream that seemed
to always be full of fish. We would catch tons of
them, & put them in buckets, which were a hassle
to get back to Keith's house. Once home, we
dumped the fish into their manmade lake to catch
again some time, although I never once caught a
trout there, despite hundreds of attempts. All I
ever caught were these gross catfish. Hurting.
One time Jeremy jumped off a swing–set
backwards, trying to land in his feet, but ended
up getting caught somehow. He broke both of his
arms, & used this an excuse as to why he was
kind of fat, but had the skinniest arms. Like
I said, the guy was kind of a foo.

8th Avenue & Lefevre road in Abbotsford.
Tight spot to hang out. Nothing around except
creatures & a pond, & some big rocks 2 sit on.

If I had to live in the suburbs, this is where I

would want to be. An old British Columbia
Electric Railroad station, that someone has turned
into an awesome living space/studio. Easels
everywhere, dogs lurking, & rail service right
outside the door. The BCER ran from Vancouver
to Chilliwack, & there are still a few cool station
buildings around, including an nice
abandoned one !

Dennis, Houston TX '80...

Good Style – So simple/subtle, but
you know Dennis was an old hobo
with a face like a catcher's mitt.

Here's a good spot by the ocean to hang out.
When it's pouring rain,
it's usually decent here.

Not so secret spot.
Chill spot to sleep with a nice
view out the front door.


I recently drove around Langley, Abbotsford, &
Chilliwack on a day off. It made me feel a little
bit sick to see all of the old places I used to hang
out, break stuff, ride bikes, & smoke cigarettes.



No caption


I ran for 12 kilometers on Saturday,
& did 134 pushups.


Savary Island

Dining room
(by Night)