' Allen Earl ' by Burt Diesel

#newvideo (2:36)



" Call me Allen Earl/
Call me Killer Diller/
Don’t make me make ya’mama, call you late for dinner/
Holla at your girl; She had to fall/
Hear the walkie-talkie slang done got her awfully off-kilter/
What? Took her apart as if I was the one that built her/
Doug winded her up, but wasn’t the one that spilt her/
I wilter/
Auction off the injured/
Call em’ all my interns/
Everyone on the jock getting proper lippy/
All up on the lobby floor, look pockets empty/
Thought they’d come to get it crunk/
Got to goask crips see/
That’s cause my Hydraulics crush suckers hustles flimsy/
Contemplate the infinite/
I inverse the indignant/
I am only copy pasting back the signals ignorant/
Insulin to big goverment/
RIP them once the scriptures write/
Wizzing on electric fences Ren & Stimpy shit/

High hanging noose/
Guess what a grifter gets?/
I just cut the hangman loose/
& left ‘em pistol whipped/
Now ‘ya/
all mines/
Left to my devices/
Ugh, how ‘bout some long knifes?/
& of course the vice grips/
This is the part where the hero walks away with the tray 8
pointed at the hole in your frame/
Ma doctor savage/
Alligator bangle/
Talk to a manager/
About to get the Range Rove/
How are you going to hang onto something with no vertebrae?/
Ugh, hop on the exoskeleton like ‘ya heard of it/
Crunch! Their go your heart sleeves/
March Please/
Hardy har har/
Hardly geeked/
Scars be a blessing/
My name carved in the margin of your res–may/
Essay question/
Shakes, ya’ tug my heart strings/
Mars, rings, & moons/
A tribute into Jupiter/
Only up in Literal-ville/
Not the computer/
Your hmmm… growing distant/
Deaf, blind, & dumb/
Red giant to white dwarf to black hole sun/
To Google™ing Gaga/
I moogs in goggles/
You hoot/
& I ha/
Take me on/
I’m ‘bout to sail these pawns/
Across the checkered board pads into a crass beyond/
But I’m super scrupulous/
AutoCAD® the room adjust/
Grab the pug & pin–points proper/
It’s no matter who I dust/
See I can use your patterns/
Run Jacobs through your Ladders/
I am just a bearings in the wheel within the wheel of flatter/
It would be conceded to concede that D’s is talented/
Considering the trees to deleted from substance mavering, ugh/
Call it the Queens English/
Released from beaten cages/
Shotguns off Rodeo/
From the Machine that Rages/ "

–– Burt Diesel