July 6 – Present

Press Release
In the world of ultimate aesthetic puralist.
In 1 hand; non–traditionally trained.
On the other hand; sincere respect with an ∞ soul.
In a previous life 100 others couldn’t see the potential.
Rather easy 2 maintain, without undue strain or
ceramic effort or word effort, etc.
An opportunity for special expos.
Both educational & visually talkative.
Internationally renowned for its high quality
Lighting & access.
Extensive Inventory.

Free Expressive
Unify Yourself
The Joy to what YOU love
Survive, Then Crippled
Get down on Yourself
Live w/ it (for a while)
Block it Out
Take the Hit
Keep Going
Carried Away
Flashbacks (you saw it coming)
Catch the Opportunity
Pass me on to a Worker
at the House
Oliver Stone
Dark Shadows
They Live

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