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Klaimco, ‘ Flooded with Feeling  Crawling ’ ⬳⬳⬳⬳
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Where 2 look ? When 2 look ? #22 #22 Discovering Something... Dreaming of Works. Who makes/takes UP seconds ? A process that was/is essential. By dealing with the common, the NOT important. The Immature Forms. Different Colours Emanate, as in the painting >here< ƒewer Oranges, no Apples, Grapes, or Cloves, much less Cotton, Garden Vegetables (everywhere). Oak, Lockheed, Cherry, & Walnut (all in the cut). Five or Six Times (Constant Observations).

Yield (Every phase of life & intersection control)

In broad view, play an important natural role. Snakes. 6ft Black Gator Face. Cold Staircase. Cold Amphibians seeking the SUN. 2 turtles behind the best public bathroom. 2 turtles by the board walk (in 2 different locations). Other life around us. 2 brother & sister GROMs not BOARD seeking the FUN. Spas. Spazz. This would be a sorry world without flowers. Wear the same Clothes. Help maintain a balance in Nature. 3 shots. Ra Ra Ra. “Relentless is noble, there is a point." Your pointing @ me ? Beachy, Cheeky, & Muck. The ancestor of ALL. Primitive Kin Folkcast. Groomed & Fascinating. Nearby New & Interesting Facts. Heated Moments. Cold Granite – Chilled Counter Tops. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Nuisances in Houses. Tin Roof Sunday’s. Watching Dora. Ball Players. Field Studies. Boo. Boof. Ursula Face Cards. Goof Pack. Roof. Living Matter #22 What did you have ? What do you have << Left ? Something Right >>. Work all Around. Peek, Look Into. Emory Board Shop. Sanded Down. Nail Dust. Where is Tenerife ? Where is Malaga ? Where is Alicante ? Where is 208 Dune Circle ? HEY, Don’t Leave ! 

Gifted Class. 

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