4/08/17, 9:47 PM Moscow Standard Time
Klaimco, ‘ Lava  Land ’ 02m22s
Music Video by Benjamin Niznik

Ride Upon the Fantastic ♆
A Voyage you won't forget – Welcome Aboard ♆
You are a abroad ♆
A broad range of products emerge ♆
It's a merger (done with 5 meetings about meetings). ♆ So much fabric that will be traded, used, sewn & brought on shelfs. ♆ Just sitting product. ♆ Ducking really low. Running really fast. Outrunning security. ♆ They yell at you for using yellow on the parking meter thing. ♆ Helping A Man: You lifted a water heater into a bus. ♆ The man had a shoe with a hole cut out so his toe could breath. It wAs a white leather shoe with holes in it. ♆ The engine starts. The bus needs new shocks & wD40. ♆ It only HAs 2 stops. ♆ It's a 6 leg trip. ♆ Welcome to the town. ♆ Some of the shops will be open 2 visit.  :0)

Music by Ben. Nelli, Alena, & Ben on the Custom Outfit. Filmed by Nelli & Ben in Africa.
#theiron #stairway #onewaytrip 

:0) Sincerely, B N