8/12/17, 10:29 AM Eastern Standard Time
Klaimco,  ‘ 3 Star ’ 

★★★ Let us take you to two classic spot/s by Bike...#SouthOBT&
Let's go over the rules before we go: ★★★

All Spaces Are $16.00 Per Day (price includes state sales tax) and Must Be Paid for at The Time of Set-Up. CASH ONLY: N0 credit cards or checks. Reservations not Required, But Strongly Suggested to Ensure That You Can Get a Space When You Wish to Set-Up. Set up starts at 7 a.m. (For liability reasons, vendors and customers are not allowed on the premises until 7 a.m.). Vendors May Park 1 Vehicle Behind Their Stand (after unloading other vehicles should be moved to one of our parking areas). Vendors may sell any legal items except for the following stipulations: No handguns (pistols or revolvers), any ammunition of any sort or switchblades or any other type of knife that may be illegal under Florida law.(We oppose any sales of firearms that evade the federal requirement for a background check of the purchaser.)
You must verify that anyone to whom you sell anything that could be considered a firearm (rifle or shotgun) or a weapon (knives-collectible or otherwise, martial arts weapons, etc.) is of legal age (at least 18 years old). This also applies to accessories. No prepared HOT foods (Pre-packaged or wrapped baked goods and other prepackaged foods are allowed). No out-of-date food items (To protect the health of our customers). No live animals may be sold or given away (To prevent animal cruelty). No political or religious literature, T-shirts or other items that could be considered racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or anti-immigrant. Three Star Flea Market welcomes vendors and customers of all religious, ethnic or national backgrounds, sexual orientations, and immigrant status. Vendors and customers must ask permission before distributing any literature or fliers on the premises. Vendors must wear shoes and shirts at all times. If you sell electronic items (TVs, DVD players, etc.) and you do not accept return of these items if they do not work, you must make this EXPLICITLY CLEAR to the buyer at the time of the purchase. If you do accept return of electronic items, you must make it EXPLICITLY CLEAR to the buyer within how many days the item must be returned and you must provide the buyer with contact information such as a phone number or an e-mail address. For your convenience, there are electrical plugs by the flea market office and other locations that you can use to demonstrate electronic items to buyers. Vendors must pick up any trash around their space at the end of the day. (For your convenience, a Dumpster and trash cans are provided.) Any unsold merchandise must be taken with you at the end of the day. Please do not leave it at your space or throw it in our Dumpster 
(Donate it to a thrift store or other deserving charity; this also will provide you with a charitable deduction for your income taxes).

:0) Sincerely, B N