03/05/18, 8:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
 ‘ 2 Day, 2 ’ [Documentary]

2 Day, 2 is a project with 2 People... During Stalin times... Inventors; Real ‘other’ or ‘outside’ thinkers were sent far away from their homes (often forever)... Generally, we don’t know about these events, but we are inspired by the people that lasted & survived (they still couldn’t return to their home). In order to continue these outside thinkers & inventors struggled, fought & kept their imaginations alive. Still they couldn’t return to Moscow. These exiles had to be 101 kilometers from the city center. 101 towns are the roots of 2Day, 2. Look more deeply beyond the obvious connections to writing on surfaces you will find many hidden messages. 2 Day, 2 is about returning energy into those who seek it. 2Day, 2 is a reflection & dialog between 2 international friends. It was written to inspire people to take trains with no determined destination… & go into the unknown. To encounter people. Avoid the familiar route. NO routine. Your eyes maybe opened to many unusual things in refreshing & undiscovered ways. You take this energy now within you… Absorb… Learn… Explore… Install. Color… Write… Say… Express… All these days & locations that were visited become today, too.