09/30/19, 11:58PM Eastern Standard Time
Klaimco ,, 

The Fishing H00K


J  Looking,
J  Seeking, 
J  Playing in Nature,
J  onna dock …
With an orange tackle–box at dawn.

All characters,
Are swimming freely under the dark water.

 ... waiting
 ... waiting
 ... waiting

)Only to throw ’em back in ¬¬
Then we are Reel/Real & Reeling:

Most special moves add a flag @ the start;
A fish’s reach doesn’t exceed its grasp... 
That disables blocking for the fishermon; 
Executing the attack in question,,,
When they’re hungry on the line via lure [1].

There is no code that runs,
to re–add the ability;

The fish cannot block it in time. 
So this becomes an infinite hookah.