3/22/20, 09:33pm  Eastern Standard Time

  Ripe Systematic Existence  

Surrounded by wispy flowers,,, In an environment youre forced to excel  
Dont wait for the data
Reach–; BreakThrough #onecheckaway #healthservices

The FEC (Florida East Coast) trainline cuts through 
Miami, Fort Piecre, Cocoa, Daytona, St. Augustine, & up2 Jacksonville  


Bryce Gowdy stepped in front of a train, on these FEC tracks. 
That same night: His M0M&3kids (Bryce, Brayden, Brisai)
go homeless, left out in the cold &endsup finding a hotel
Bryce goes to get his M0M a blanket from the car &never2return
This superstar widereceiver was a Deerfield Beach Buck,
The following week hes suppose to movie to Atlanta;
on a fullride 2 Georgia Tech 2 run routes&catch the ball
@ this Institute of Technology based college/schoolsystem. #freeride

>Your interests in poetry, painting, photography, playing music, & theater were part of your being;
Dear Bryce, this painting (in GT colors) is for your shadow

>Hope when this rockcar goes UP&Down the coast of Florida it collects

Just maybe Shibbon catchesit &smiles

:0) Sincerely,  Your Classmates

^ Photograph by Teddy Favin