6/09/20, 04:11am  Eastern Standard Time



someone somewhere 
deep in slumber 
stumbled into a compound-world unfurling happened/happening 
inside Roam or Riodejaneiro or SF or BC or The NL or even Saint George Island... 
all complete with
interactive view 
while dreaming simply of: 
a flooded surface
a thin layer of clay
ice floes
and warming temperatures 
alsoknownas the coming of a new brand new day.

when someone was just a young urchin
they apprenticed at an old machinists workshop
curlicues of metal, wood, and plastic
swarf all day
swarf all night
they were small and nimble and interested and always observing:

back then 
someone else was was living on the 0ther-Side-of-Town (0ST)
in a house where every object 
that could be 
was nested like матрёшка
and every other object was stacked 
from floor to ceiling in shaker-style-wooden-oval-boxes
made of pine, and maple, and occasionally birch  
protecting things like spices and electronics,
and software and shoelaces, business cards and loose change,
and a small inherited collection of fragments of comets, 
and meteorites:

just now
the dreamer is receiving a transmission
from someones neighbor claiming
to have answered a phone that was not ringing
only to find a voice on the other 
end of the line 
saying things like:
सत्त्व gathers the means of life;
the means of life don’t gather सत्त्व 
and, The secret of improved plant breeding,
apart from scientific knowledge, is love 
so be like Luther Burbank!

the voice was recommending
various teas and brands of fountain pens
including one 
of rose-hips, hibiscus, orange peel, spearmint, cinnamon, and lemongrass
at the first signs of the common cold
before giving a lengthy review of the 1998 hit Serbian film
Црна мачка, бели мачор:

historians were claiming
to have just now discovered 
that dawn is an e-x-t-r-a elastic time
especially for those archaeologists interested 
in sensation 
(as in: not-symbolism 
and as in: not all works can be shown on the surface)  
that the ancient grooves 
worn well into the ground 
which gave rise to  
pony-drawn wooden railways 
used in mining operations
before iron plated wood was brought in
(in order to reduce that horse-drawn friction) 
before wrought iron replaced the wood
and before steel replaced the wrought iron 
all pertained somehow to the natural casting of   
footprints on the roofs of mines and caves:

These rectangles show pictographic symbols 
once stored in a southern vault 
that record and retell important stories

or unlikewise 
breathing and breath 
were some of the most important tools
for a storyteller 
and in a past life
yet another somebody was
a towering voice in the world of radio dramas 
during the golden age of 0ld-Time-Radio (0TR)
this meant they had
mastered the art of combination
of dramatic conventions & written texts
of gestures & documentation
and of (panto)mime & memory
but nobody around was wiser
and at home on the refrigerator 
the only newspaper clipping pinned up read:

Dear Reader, 
the coldest natural temperature
ever known on earth
was recorded today at a Soviet Research base (Vostok Station)
in the Antarctic
at 2:45am on July 21, 1983
the thermometer read:
-89.2° C
-128.6° F
184.0 °K

back 0n-the-Air (0A) 
was it the anticipation of an incoming a tele-presence
that meant that operators were standing by
but no one was calling in?
what gives?

in what lies ahead
someone from 0ut-of-Town (0T) 
just looking to pass the time
will wander 
to the way-way-way-back of the science fiction section
of a local library branch only to pull from the shelf 
a hardcover first edition copy
of Robert Silverbergs 1969
The Calibrated Alligator and 0ther Science Fiction Stories

out from deep within the b00k will fall
the following rapidly written
note to self on pale green college ruled index card: 
16 shovels make a full wheelbarrow
6 wheelbarrow comprise a cubic yard
1/2 cup sugar
fine zest of 2 lemons
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup 0range Blossom Water (0BW)
2 tbsp rose water
3/4 cup butter or vegetable oil
1 can sweetened condensed or coconut milk
2 12 cups  fine semolina
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 large eggs
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp kosher salt
if dreams are really strong yet tender 
like tightrope walkers going in reverse
be kind!
keep the electrons flowing!

a stranger
could refer to a stray leaf 
floating in a cup of tea 
a hard soul melting
a moment of vision driven by the audible
or the inaudible 
a phenomenal atmosphere 
or a spider web washing away in a storm:

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S,  N,  S,”‘