i bring the emotion...you bring the graf

the skinny:
- mustache contest starts at work tomorrow. in a couple months i will be $600 richer with a sweet magnum PI mustache.
- dance jenny site almost finished.
- DF2.0 in the works...watch out kids.
- new DF tees to arrive shortly. keep your panties on.
- collabo album with gangsta boo to drop in march.
- klaimco merch

projects up in the air right now:
- identity work for SI's friend matt's skateshop?
- some screamo album cover i'm supposed to do for SI?
- ANTV logo?
- standard deluxe tees?
- KG projecto going up in flames (jk bagger...lol, lollolololool)

love always,

*where's C at on this thing?


  1. nice. i won the mustache contest at Kid Robot last year with a fully groomed handel bar. we looked like a store full of repeated sex offenders.

    that gangsta boo shit should be dope!


  2. Did DMX call you yet, he drop'd a message ask'n me if I seen his asian shorti, I said "Nah, ask the dude with the green sweater"

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