KC Dunks No. 1

Day one:
Alright so here is a color ruff of what i had in mind to paint the kicks, nothing too crazy, I'm tryna make sure i get a good handle on these before i can wildout. Heres the 5 colors I ordered, the yellow and red are mighty watery so I couldn't flex the warm colors as much, but the turquose and pale blue come through mighty nice, I'm starting to mix some colors but its kinda lame without white. As easy as it may seem to paint these junks its a freak'n tedious process cause you gotta spend a good time scrub'n off the shoe gloss coating with acetone (the coating that will prevent the paint from sticking to the shoe). So after a few hours of scrub'n and get'n lift'd off the acetone fumes, you get to paint. But even that can be a prick cause you got to lay down atleast 3-4 layers to get an even coat. fun stuff I say, I'm amp'd to not mess these kicks up, the aim is to finish by friday. We'll see. Here's some flics and a hot asian chic hold'n a kick <---floating light bulb: KLAIMCO MODELS ?!?!

"curlies 2006, brought to you by KLAIMCO" -bags empty brown bag'n it


  1. bags,

    damn. that looks pro. but if it takes like a week to recolor them. i would say no way. you could do one of your slick paintings and bang it out in a week and sell it for like a G. but non the less looking good. i like that blue but that green is kinda like poop maybe a aqua green? looks like a seahawks color way.

    *dumpster funk addy me.
    **yeah if you get really good at doing one offs of these kicks it could be real grand ($$$$$$).

  2. yeah, i hit that shit
    the asian shawty i mean (thanks for the promo card bags)

    hmm...dunks = seahawks colors, klaimco logo = raiders...easy jake jock. i thought you were supposed to be emo. i work on espn crap all day and i still don't know anything about sports. i block it out my head with my combover. nothing enters my ears but sadness...(that's my next album...not the gangsta boo collabo joint, that's called "axe deez nuts wif yo mouf")

    anyway, cool kicks in progress bags. did they come in all white or did you strip the paint off them with acetone too? am i too white for klaimco??? what are dunks?

    ~ d

  3. Can you paint on the rubber with this stuff? (pause)
    good work on the bottom. (oh, say word)