klaimco kids,

this is a great idea! this is a great way to post projects/ideas/and even process. or even a funny photo (like me ripping my jeans in ATL hint. hint.) but anyways. this is what i was working on today. bagger and i are doing an orginal deck that is going to be up for grabs on the klaimco site when it launches. i am still layering and it is far from done. we are going to have all these characters/robots/creepy kids whatever grabbing on/macking on/ and loving these shawties. it should be cool. i still have to pass it to bagger for another round. but i hope to finish it when i get off work tomorrow night. oh and i scored these vans at the trade show in vegas and just drew on them. i thought it would be cool to throw them in like if somebody ordered a shirt or something the buyer would get all these cool little things. anyways, i am going to grab a snack and hit the hay. up at 7 yeaaaaaaah. hopefully klaimco will make it so i have my own hours. (twizzle must sleep in).

keep on keep posting,
*dumpster funk their he is.
**what happened to mikes myspace? is this a trick so i call him. i think i will. his trick is working...