Whats the skinny folks

Alright well Ben and I were talk'n earlier today and thought it be a good idea
to set this up to keep everyone updated with whats going on with KLAIMCO. So
yeah here it is, post the skinny on things and what projects you got going.

Things on my end:
-Crazy for the most part
-Just came back from sarasota, hung out with SI and Yim, fun times
-I'm teaming up with DF to work on this short story, "KG Project" long term
project thats still in development it'll be dope, promise
-The logo is coming along well, will be official soon, I'll be mess'n around with
some color combos and such and work'n that end with dustin
-I'm working on some custom DUNKS, I'll post process imagery
-I submitted a few things to DIK earlier
-I'm looking to head to NY for a weekend, "REB TRIP PT. III"
-I'm working on a shirt design to get printed this coming week
-Once the logo is good to go, stickers will be made
-Got that new "swallow 2" book mighty nice cop it
-My birthday is coming in FEB, keep ya ears peal'd
-sample the flic "Grizzly man"
-Looking to get the www.klaimco.com and www.boxreb.com sites at least up and
online, the pages well be in construction
-I wanna go to Japan this summer anyone down?

side projects I had in mind:

Klaimco skateboard decks, there is 7 of us and 7 letters in the word klaimco, we
divde the board into seven equal sections, claim a letter, freestyle your spot,
get the image patched up, cough up $150 or so each person, get the boards
printed, split all the decks prints (10-12 a person) sale at $50 a pop (sell 4
and you got your money back plus and extra 50 profit) and you got some left over
to sale or handout

I'ght thats for now, please feel free to post the skinny