Ajos ajos, comosta..., I gotta post a mini-post r'ght quick before I clockout for the night, what is good I owe alot of ya'll a ring tone but I'll get at ya soon, been mighty eventfull on this side of the map which is pretty nice, here's the quick skinny:

-The Bags birthda
y was mighty nice, I went bowl'n and done did it
-Saw Wu-tang live! Wow, dope show on the mighty high 5 tip, I even gave Masta Killa dap and was r'ght next to Ghostface when he was give'n out KFC chicken buckets to the crowd haha, wish ya'll was there
-to clear the note I still don't curse or drink, word
-Klaimco has a Myspace page now, log name is "klaimco@hotmail.com" and the password is the same as the one on here, go sign in and add text it needs life or somth'n I just filled out the basics
-I finished the Klaimco dunks and will be sale'n them on ebay in april (the aim that is) -I went to the sneaker Jam on Sat, it was cool, nothing to crazy, meet some decent connects so that might be helpful down the line, I'll be get'n pro-style flicks past to me so I'll post when they come through
-I went and saw Gary Basman's lecture tonight at Rollins College, I only saw half of the lecture but it was cool, I dunno if ya'll dig his work but I've always had the interest and respect for what he does how much ground he has covered with his work, he shared some good insight, hes head'n out to uberbot morrow night to do a signing, I'll be there for a sec, more so to shake his hand and get my Baseman deck signed, haha...what a fan r'ght -I went to megacon on a free pass tip sunday, it was chill, the highlight of the con visit was cop'n a dopeTaiyo Matsumoto book for 5 bucks!! Its called "No.5" Its freak'n dope, I want all his comics now, sample his stuff when you can-Blacktop skateshop done did this shirt, its on american apperal and sales 20 a pop, he (james-the owner) was pretty amp'd about this shirt so he wants to do a line, I mean you know I'm down but we'll see if he is really commited to go through with it, he's provide'n the funds and I'm get'n SB Dunks in trade, what a deal!!! haha...production is slowly roll'n, I didn't pick the colors for this run though, to be honest I think it would of looked better if the colors were reversed, or atleast have the image be a darker color cause its kinda hard to read but eh, its whateva for now, first bags shirt on my end for the '06, The next shirt in production is his dog drawing I did, just the outline...kinda amp'd to see what it looks like on a shirt I'm gonna dwell in slumberland for a bit, eat healthy folks -the dam bags

P.s. Everyone welcome Burt Diesel to the KCblog!, Glad to see you on man, I'll get at ya
P.S.s Interpol is really good, I'm a fan, go buy they album

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