Greetings from the bags, how's it do? More skinny and flicks and such. Below I got flicks of the Skateshop wall i'm working on, still in producto but here is like maybe 8-12 hours of work, I got these crazy bird head dudes run'n through a city, spacey but I dig, kinda amp'd to finish it, should be done by weds. Here is a bad flick of a piece I did live at the surf/skate expo early this year, I did this for/donated to this cancer fondation for kids that skate, I dunno how they are gonna sale it but its theres so yeah, its not too big in size but its decent Here is a flick of a dope ass truck I'm gonna draw and possibly make a shirt, someone in our apartment complex push's this, classic more flicks!! more flicks!! haha......flicks form the Sneaker Jam, just a sample, more flicks at this link

Bags and James the owner of Blacktop Skateshop
Bags with the ill face and titties to the far right see them shhts Birds dig shoes too,Dj Y-not and Snoop (Blacktop mascot) was there too

Geez what else is go'n on, umm...once I finish the skateshop wall I got some other thangs to handle oh and apologizes about the password thing for the myspace, its the same password as this but with 06 added to the end of the password, sorry I forgot that was at the end cause I'm so used to type'n the password for this, try it and let me know if you get it I'ght.

Man I gotta go to sleep, thats all for now, more to come....bizzzy bizzy bizzy grind grind grind and wear shin gaurds when tryna bust a skate moves u don't know how to do, I busted my shhts haha

**P.S. Ken Gitty sold at Uberbot for $375$, Mr. Gitty has left the building***