Bagger 23!!! The dam bags turned 23 Hahaha...SI said it best, Thanks for the jolly words partnas! Wish ya'll was here to share the name day, it was actually grand, its like 3 am and my day is still going, I've been meaning to post early today but I got festive and jinc! but yo heres the quick skinny:

I'm gonna see Wu-Tang live in St.Pete Sat nite!! Gitty ofcourse, shht its Wu-tang in 2006!

just cop'd the "Send Help" SB DUNKS and the "hawaii" SB DUNKS in trade for painting up this dudes skateshop, working on it next week I'll take flix

Send Help Dunk SBs
Hawaii Dunks SB (dam I tried these on, the dopest kicks I'll soon to own, shht)
I'm almost finished with these kicks, here is what I have so far, there is go'n to be a sneaker shoe out here in O'Town, I'm gonna be "klaimco" promote'n

flyer for the sneaker show ( I didn't make it)

- I got an idea to custom some van kicks, anyone interested!
- Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy
- I work at Borders as a day job haha...its alright but its pay'n the rent so I can do all this other stuff on the time off
- Miles davis, acrtic monkey, Jel, and interpol is steady on the Jam list
- The Ny trip might have to be pushed back til march, sucks I know but my funds have been get'n beat bad these days so I gotta re-up
- I will call all of you, sorry for the lay low period, I'm talk'n to this amazing indie chick

Cabege u weren't here for my birthday but your friends were, they say "what it do playa?"
what else, myspace sucks since we started this thing haha, but yo thats all for now cause i'm dam sleepy, I'll get at ya

***bags bagger bagzy 43 043 b-43 bagger43 bags43 bags-four-three***